We cannot put some super cool quote here on what New York Times or Whiskey Riff (and other publications) dominating the social media graces are saying about Derek Johnson Country since they feature Top 25 artists only... we'd also love to put up some cool quote by one of those about DJC bringing back the "sounds of small-town USA and blue-collar working class America" with his albums especially with two recent Top 40 Hits "Right Beer Right Now" and "Real Cool Kinda Hot" on Country Music's Top Chart, but unfortunately, we have to make our own up until they realize there's 60 slots on the Billboard... not just the 25 they cherry pick from. Majority of those publications are writing articles about bringing "Country back to its roots" so we figured we'd give 'em the 2021 version of Waylon Jennings, that's Derek. In 1998, Waylon was to make an appearance on "the Late Late Show with Tom Snyder" when he was promised a certain time slot. After 20 minutes of waiting, Waymore told Jessi, "Call the car." The outlaw and his wife walked out leaving cluckin' Tom to fill 20 mins of live TV time. Well... we're "calling the car." Majority of Country Fans do not know DJC or any artist for that matter who's in Top 40 to 60 who hasn't already eclipsed a Top 25. Billboard has 60 slots. Every artist who conquers the difficult climb up the TOP CHART in Country Music should be on these sites.  One hit wonder, five hits, or George Strait. They're following a format. There's no chart past Billboard. How hard is that to comprehend? #KISS. 


So, as we wait for publications to get back with the program... we're "calling the car" on them! Derek Johnson Country is the epitome of the definition of Country Music... cough cough, Country - Music. He is nothin' short of pure country. After all, he's a small town, population 723 to be exact, a town you gotta ask Siri to find, 5th gen farm boy. He hails from Excel, Alabama, though he's resided in 8 states total (Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Colorado). He says "I'm cultured and agricultured" lol. He's just about every single line of "A Country Boy Can Survive" by Alabama boy Hank Jr. aka Bocephus. He grew up spray paintin' armadillos with NASCAR numbers... find someone more country than that...! That time bomb will be tickin' quite a while. Speaking of bombs, our boy is a United States Army Veteran, who honorably served as an Air and Missile Defense crewmember from 2012-15. His status is DV after suffering career-ending injuries requiring extensive rehabilitation he continues to this day. He's very active with various veteran organizations and awareness groups. He's one of 3 veterans to chart Billboard in the last 5 years alongside George Strait and Craig Morgan. He and King George were the only two to chart in 2020, and DJ is the only in 2021, thus far. Talkin' 'bout elite company! The publications claiming to cover the genre that prides itself in "#Murica" and "the good ole boys on the frontline" have got to do better. Headlines like what that could be is a travesty. Or also "some catchy quote" with the only Country Artist with Billboard hits who has a Master's degree in any field. Yup, Derek holds that title too. Bachelor's from The University of Alabama and MBA from Colorado State University. Not an honorary degree. An MBA earned with his GI Bill in which he finished with Honors from the Salute Honor Society (military) with a 3.8 GPA. 


Arguably the most all-around decorated artist in Country Music. Maybe it's the same theory as being "too country"... maybe his story is just "too dynamic" for those behind the keyboard to know where to start. Maybe they should start with the system. Ya ever wonder how your favorite artists became your favorite artists? It's not a hat trick. You don't just move to Nashville and "have a great song and yell "pick me, pick me!" Country Music has a system. That system has companies that for many moons made up the infamous "Music Row." There's format and formula. Billboard is the Top Chart. Chart wise, there's nothing past Billboard. It's where artist's score their hits. Derek Johnson Country has two recent Top 40 hits with no coverage. Where's the publications? Possibly in their own independent world because none of them work with record labels or any of those companies on the Row? We know... the truth hurts. Many started as "apparel companies" and now call themselves Country Music's source for entertainment. It's entertainment all right. Only covering artist's in Top 25. Tricking "fans" with articles. Growing that base then requesting event passes from labels. That's pretty easy... also shady and rubbish. There's no more Country Music Magazine or Country Weekly etiquettely and ethically following the format and system. Too many personal agendas and are pushing artist's who cannot figure out or break through the system. Artist's don't just magically appear on Billboard, you know... Country Music's TOP CHART. 


Somebody "call d*$! the car!"