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Of the long History of Country Music... only ONE artist can claim the title of shattering Country Music and Billboard History... welcome to Derek Johnson Country!


Derek is best known for his two Billboard Hits "Real Cool Kinda Hot" and "Right Beer Right Now" that scored the strappin' Texan back-to-back hits on Billboard Country Airplay, the top chart in Country Music. 


Did you know 99% of artists do not write their own music? Not only does he write all his music... He and George Strait were the only two Veterans of the Military, both United States Army, to score Billboard Hits in 2020 in any genre (Country, Pop, Rock, etc.) and he was the only in 2021.


Shattering two Country Music and Billboard records... if ever made public... would be a sure-fire way to expose the commercial radio format and system. 


For those who know... know. He went straight to the Top Chart in Country Music without a Major Record Label. Can you imagine having the key formula every artist moves to Nashville to try to figure out? 


THE very reason every artist for 70 plus years has ever packed their bags and moved to Nashville is to land a record deal and see their name on the Billboard chart and this ol' cowboy has the key formula to go straight to the chart without a label. Thousands move to town every week and thousands leave the same week with the same dream... many spend YEARS and never crack the code or even know it's a business with a system with a format with a formula. 


Throughout the hustle and bustle of that treacherous and rigid commercial system though, the cowboy didn't ride away from his roots. The twang is still alive and well and it's going to just keep getting better! 


When he's not writing and on the road, you can find him kicking back on the outskirts of "Nac-a-nowhere," Nacogdoches, Texas; or you can catch snidbits of him cruisin' back roads, dirt roads, hunting, or fishing. 


Thank y'all for droppin' by! 

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