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Right Beer, Right Now... The Documen-tary


We cannot put some super cool quote here on what the New York Times or Whiskey Riff (and other publications) dominating the social media graces are saying about Derek Johnson Country since they feature Top 25 artists only... we'd also love to put up some cool quote by one of those about DJC bringing back the "sounds of small-town USA and blue-collar working class America" with his albums especially with two recent Top 40 Hits "Right Beer Right Now" and "Real Cool Kinda Hot" on Country Music's Top Chart, but unfortunately, we have to make our own up until they realize there's 60 slots on the Billboard... not just the 25 they cherry pick from. Majority of those publications are writing articles about bringing "Country back to its roots" so we figured we'd give em' the 2021 version of Waylon Jennings, Derek Johnson Country. In 1998, Waylon was to make an appearance on "the Late Late Show with Tom Snyder" when he was promised a certain time slot. After 20 minutes of waiting, Waymore told Jessi, "Call the car." ....... Click on Bio to READ MORE!